EAGLE – Radar detection

Product features

Scanning radar

Eagle is a one-man deployable radar especially developed for detecting small moving targets and classifying the specific radar signatures provided by UAS, like fast rotating propellers. Radar detection is the best fit for RF detection of UAS due to the similar range capabilities and is a must for providing the precise location of the target.

The Eagle radar provides a full 360° scan of the area with a precise heading and range upto 1.000m for a typical quad-copter like DJI Phantom. Eagle is suited for mobile scenarios with fast deployment in cases like VIP protection and also fixed installations like prison protection. The Radar system add a physical detection unit to the counter-UAV system in the case a UAV is autonomous or via way-points with continuous control/video signals being transmitted. I addition, the Eagle system also provides a more precise location and flight track of the UAV.

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Technical details


  • One-man deployable
  • 360° scanning antenna
  • Classifies UAS radar signature
  • Option for vertical coverage
  • Easy installation and maintenance

Technical specifications

  • X-band FMCW
  • Mass: <23kg
  • Dimensions: H640mm, W540mm, D190mm
  • Detection range: 1.000m
  • Accuracy: 4m
  • TRL 8
  • IP Rating 54
  • Detection time <4sec