Radar detection and tracking

Product features

EAGLE classifies the specific radar signature from drones, like fast rotating propellers and provides real-time information on speed, range, direction and more.

Radar detection is by far the best fit for RF detection of drones and is a must, if you are looking for precise target information.


The EAGLE radar provides full 360° detection and tracking of drones in large areas.

Protection against autonomous drones, flown via way-points/GPS, requires a radar. The EAGLE radar adds a more precise level of detection to the system, enabling it to detect drones operating without transmission between the operator and the drone itself. EAGLE is suited for mobile scenarios where fast deployment is required such as with VIP protection or fast insurgions due to low weight and easy setup.

It’s compact design makes it easy to install on any surface, without any additional modifications needed. This makes it perfect for prisons, embassies, critical infrastructure and large compounds. EAGLE provides reliable and accurate flight-track information, making your countermeasure and risk mitigation more effective.

Features developed with the user

Weight, size and power consumption of the system has been a consideration from the beginning. Due to its low weight, it is also possible to carry the radar to a desired position, such as a roof- or hilltop.

EAGLE requires little processing power, making it possible to perform the needed surveillance, on something as small as a tablet with IRIS installed (situational awareness application).

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Technical specifications

  • Frequency: X-band (10.015-10.085GHz)
  • Frequency modulation: FMCW
  • Power supply: 115-230V AC
  • Detection range: <1.000m
  • Classification range: <500m
  • Detection time: <4sec
  • Update: 60rpm
  • Dimensions: H:640xW:540xD:190mm
  • Weight 23kg
  • IP rating: IP54
  • Color: Grey/upon request
  • Operational temperature: 0° – 57° C
  • TRL: 8
  • Detection range: <1km