Personel drone alarm for dismounted soldiers and special operation forces

Product features

With SWaP (Size, Weight and Power) analysis and a user oriented development focus, we ensure capablilites that match the requirements and operational needs of professional soldiers and SOF.

WINGMAN is a an intuitive wearable alarm system, that has and continues to be developed with military personnel and SOF’s globally. This approach ensures the right mix of capabilities and technical features.


WINGMAN is carried on the torso and on the outside of your clothes to optimize performance (e.g. vest or backpack straps).

It operates both as a standalone unit, or connected as a peripheral device to other equipment, such as a personal communication radio. Through the radio, you will be able to integrate your drone detection system to C2 systems such as ATAK or similar. WINGMAN continuously scans and searches for UAV control and video signals and acts as an early warning device against commercial drones. The continuous scanning function makes it capable of detecting the drone, often before take off.

The impressive performance packed in a small and lightweight case, makes it the smallest and most powerful wearable drone detector on the counter UAV market.

Features developed with the user

WINGMAN is waterproof. Cover-caps protect the unused connectors, making it possible to wade through water and operate in pouring rain. Alarms are indicated either with sound, vibration or bright LED’s. Continuous updates are provided to the drone database with new search filters, in order to provide users with the latest technology – at all times.

Extended range detection for special missions is available upon request. MyDefence has developed high performance antennas to cater to the needs of the most demanding users.

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Technical specifications

  • Battery capacity: Connects to ext. battery
  • Power supply: 12V charge cable
  • Frequency antenna: 2.4-5.8GHz (60° angle)
  • Software defined radio: 70MHz to 6GHz
  • Detection time: <5sec known target
  • Operating temperature: 0° – 57° C
  • IP rating: IP67
  • Dimensions: H:153xW:82xD39mm
  • Weight: 460g
  • Color: Black/dessert
  • TRL: 9
  • Detection range: +2km