Area drone detection as a wall mounted RF scanner

Product features

WATCHDOG is a standalone or linked RF sensor, capable of providing make/model information to the user, by searching for control signals and video feeds to and from the drone.

WATCHDOG is specifically suited for stationary installations such as perimeter protection at prisons, military camps or can even be mounted on vehicles. Multiple WATCHDOGS can be installed on a scaleable network, enabling triangulation of drones and larger area detection.


A single WATCHDOG unit is able to detect drones at a 60° angle at long ranges and often before the drone takes off

With a single cable installation, WATCHDOG can be used for rapid protection of remote camp sites, military bases, refugee camps and borders. The network cable installation enables WATCHDOG to be setup in a perimeter configuration along, e.g a fence or wall, to obtain coverage against hostile reconnaissance drones.In a network configuration, together with IRIS (situational awareness application) you will be able to receive information such as coordinate/heading and insert your own distinguishable point of interest, such as “northern tower, “hill top”, or “gate”. By doing so, users will be able to act quickly and more precisely to the threat itself.

Features developed with the user

The built in antenna and single cable PoE system allows for a quick installation. And the descreet materials makes it blend in seamlessly.

WATCHDOG plug-and-play interface, makes it easy to connect with existing security infrastructure, or on a protocol level.

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Technical specifications

  • Frequency antenna: 2.4-5.8GHz (60° angle)
  • Software defined radio: 70MHz to 6GHz
  • Power supply: PoE
  • Detection time: <5sec known target
  • Dimensions: H:174xW:100xD:43mm
  • Weight: 515g
  • IP rating: IP67
  • Color: White/grey/upon request
  • Operational temperature: 0° – 57° C
  • TRL: 9
  • Detection range: +2km