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Event Information:

  • Tue
    Avignon, France
    MyDefence Exhibiting

    Who's going

    MyDefence CTO, Dan Hermansen, will speak at the event on detection and countering drones. Let us know in advance in you want to meet up with Dan at the event - contact us here.

    About the event

    Since 2015, France was plagued with reports of drone overflights of sensitive sites. In the current context of security risks, it becomes essential for any organization or structure responsible for the safety of persons, sites or areas of operations to be able to detect, track down Unmanned Aerial Vehicles and to neutralize them if they are malicious. The legal guidelines adopted by governments, such as France with the law proposal on « strengthening the security of civilian drones use » which should enter into force in June 2018, follow that direction. Think tanks and governmental workshops on homeland security are active in different countries, and a[er characterizing threats, they are now seeking solutions.

    SAFE Cluster has among its members manufacturers developing detection or neutralization solutions. The goal of this seminar is to remind the needs and to present solutions coming in majority from SAFE members. These are destined to end-users, to conduct awareness actions, demonstrations or even a first use of some solutions. The seminar will therefore focus on the technical presentations of needs and presentations, demonstrations and even collective use of products.