WINGMAN – RF detection

Product features

Wingman protects the people who protects us

Be it in military or civilian operations, drones are a current and rising threat to safety. Wingman offers a SWaP solution (concept of continues optimization of Size, Weight and Power.), which enables military units, public safety officers and others, with on-the-body drone detection and alert.

Wingman is positioned on the torso, such as the west or backpack straps. It works as a standalone unit, and can also be connected as a peripheral to other equipment which is worn, such as a personal communication unit (ATAK).

Wingman provides vibration feedback and acoustic warning to a headset. This makes it easy and fast to react to an alert even in areas with a high noise level. The user is alerted as soon as the Remote-Controlled UAVs can be detected by the spectrum surveillance functionality which is even before they take off. This is possible because Wingman is constantly searching for UAV control signals and video feeds. An early warning about UAV activity can help locate the pilot before any damage is done. The built-in antenna works as a coarse direction finder and can indicate the direction of the pilot by sound feedback to the headset.

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Technical details


  • Detects radio (RF) signals in an ultra-wide frequency spectrum
  • Warns about UAS threats and other communication signals of interest (ISR)
  • Easy user interface
  • External battery option
  • Designed by users for military operations

Technical specifications

  • Battery capacity: up to 8 hours of operation
  • Frequencies: 70MHz to 6GHz
  • Weight: 475g/16,75oz
  • Dimensions: D44mm x W82mm x H160mm
  • Operational temperature range: 0 to 57 degree Celsius/134,5 F
  • IP rating: IP 67
  • TRL 9