WD150 - Vehicle Edition

WATCHDOG 150 (WD150) is an omnidirectional drone detector for networked installations. It is a ruggedized networked RF sensor capable of detecting control- and video signals from UAVs (drones) and controllers for a broad range of commercial and do-it-yourself (DIY) drones operating in the lower frequency bandsIt is especially designed for installation on military and governmental means of transportation.

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The Government

The Watchdog 150 is suitable for mounting on patrol cars and patrol boats. Coupled with a set of Watchdog 250 sensors the system will provide 360-degree coverage of the airspace above the vehicle or boat on both low and high frequency bands. It is a perfect detector for law enforcement and security officers, and due to its small form factor and color it is also highly suitable for secret service personnel and VIP protection. Installed on a patrol car it can be used for boarder control and law enforcement actions and on a limousine, it can provide secret service personnel with detection of drones used by ex the paparazzi etc.  

The Military

The Watchdog 150 is a ruggedized Watchdog, which can withstand long range of harsh environmental conditions including dust, mud, sand, saltwater, and solar radiation. When mounted on top of a military vehicle ex. a LAV, it secures the team of soldiers a 360-degree drone detection on the lower frequency bands. The Watchdog 150 is also developed for offshore use and live up to required ratings for navy application, such as sea vessel and harbor protection. It can be distributed as a portable solution around a vessel or mounted as a fixed installationIf used as a supplement to a set of Watchdog 250 sensors, operating on the higher frequency bands, the system will provide 360-degree coverage of the airspace above the vehicle or sea vessel on both low and high frequency bands including GPS 


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