Governmental Detection and Mitigation Solutions

Governmental Protection Solutions

Governments are increasingly experiencing threats from LSS (Low, Slow, Small) drones being used for espionage, monitoring of VIPs and their movements, emplacement of electronic/microphone devices, disturbance at public events, harassment of law enforcement, ISR (Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance), and threats against prison facilities, other critical infrastructure and boarders.  

The drone presence/attacks make the governmental agencies more vulnerable than they have ever been and the situation threaten every aspect of a sovereign national security policyThe presence/attacks also present a major threat as terrorism continues its ravage on civilians and creates an environment of fear and uncertainty amongst the publicTherefore, effective drone detection to track, identify, and mitigate is needed so Governments proactively monitor and control, when unauthorized drones enter their respective airspaces. 

MyDefence offer state-of-the-art counter UAV solutions made to secure and enhance the capabilities of governmental agenciesAll solutions are lightweight, ruggedized, wearable/portable, modular/scalable, designed for plug and play, and ideal for rapid deployment 


Police and Public Security


Police and Public Security


Patrol Cars and boats


Prisons, Boarder Control, and Critical Infrastructure