A portable drone alarm and mitigation system
A wearable personal drone alarm and mitigation system
A wearable personal drone alarm and mitigation system

Portable Products


Our portable C-UAS solution can detecttrack, and identify remote controlled commercially available drones (UAS, UAV, RAPS etc.) at long ranges – and often before the drone takes off.  

The portable anti-drone system is developed for police and security companies and is ideal for rapid deployment and protection over shorter periods of time. It is designed for the protection of ex. crowds of civilians and VIPs in a congested areacomplex buildings in dense urban areastemporary openair events, and other sensitive sites like boardersThe system provides local situational awareness in the security headquartersA quick threat assessment by RFsignatures allows for the ability for quick response in relation to preestablished SOPs. The information from the system can be shared with police authorities for full cooperation and RFalerts logged and recorded for post incident reporting etc.  

The portable solution for governmental and corporate use includes our Watchdog 202 – our fixed installation RF-sensor for drone detection and our 360° RF-detector Wolfpack 210. Together, the RF detectors and the MyDefence C2 system make a complete detect-track-identify and situational awareness system against unauthorized drones.   

The system is designed for installations on tripods and is literally a plug and play system. It is a scalable system, so the number of RFsensors are determined from the specifications of the site The system includes senor fusion and is easily integrated with ex. cameras for further surveillance and identification needsIt can be operated from MyDefence user interface Iris or integrated into existing C2 systems through MyDefence Argos.  

With our constant focus on reducing SWaP (Size, Weight and Power consumption), the detection and mitigation system is developed to be tough, small, light, and power-efficient and provide discreet yet efficient RF drone surveillance and detection on the move, at a cost-effective price.  

Portable Detection

Watchdog 202

Stationary RF detector for perimeter protection

Wolfpack 210

Stationary and portable RF detector for perimeter protection

Watchdog 202

Wolfpack 210

C2 System

C2 - Situational awareness for C-UAS protection

Frontend & Backend Command And Control