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Militaries across the world are increasingly experiencing LSS (Low, Slow, Small) drones being used for ISR (Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance), target spotting and actual attacks with delivery and detonation of payloads on military personnel, forward operating military bases, convoys on-the-move or at a standstill, and on military sea vessels.  

The attacks often result in casualtiesmaking COTS (Components-Off-TheShelf) drones extremely dangerous and effective as weapons. So, for the mindset of the soldier it is extremely important to be able to reduce the resistance of the opponent and to have the advantage. Therefore, an effective drone detection system is of the outmost importance to track, identify, and mitigate unauthorized drones entering military airspace 

MyDefence offer state-of-the-art counter UAS solutions made to secure and enhance the capabilities of the armed forces. All solutions are lightweight, ruggedized, wearable/portable, modular/scalable, designed for plug and play, and ideal for rapid deployment 


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