DM150 / DM151 - Drone Jammer - Vehicle Edition

DOBERMANN 150/151 (DM150/DM151) is a ruggedized networked Counter UAS jammer for vehicle mounting that can protect against drone threats by actively disrupting the control signal between the drone and its operator. DM150/151, however, is not your typical jammer and is packed with next-generation features that will make it stand out, including its scalability, jamming methods and autonomous mode. 

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The Government

The DOBERMANN 150/151 vehicle jamming solution provides an optimal and permanent protection of patrol vehicles and patrol boats. Distributed on the transportation device it will provide a 360° coverage. If paired with WATCHDOG 150 or 250 the two sensors will provide the end-user with a detect and mitigate system highly useable for law enforcement and security actions. Its military grade, ruggedized design and rating for offshore use makes it a truly durable RF jammer, which can withstand the toughest environmental challenges.  

The Military

Its military grade, ruggedized design and rating for offshore use makes the DOBERMANN 150/151 ideal for installations on light armored vehicles (LAV) and military vessels. Together with the WATCHDOG 150 or 250 the pair will provide RF detection and jamming for the protection of vehicles, convoys, and vessels on the move and at stand-still and provide local situational awareness to share with other troops. The distributed system will provide a 360° coverage of the airspace above and will be embedded into the vehicle, providing discreet, yet efficient surveillance. The system can be linked with the MyDefence C2 system or be integrated into an existing security system. 


Watchdog 150

Internal 360° Omnidirectional Antenna

Watchdog 250

Internal GPS Antenna

wolfpack 210

Portable RF Detector