Our IRIS and ARGOS C4i systems are continuously improved, so that you as a customer has a quick simple way of integrating 3rd party products.
This means that you cannot connect different sensors in one system and have access to a broad variety of data, as well as the ability to fuse this data to give a comprehensive view of the threats

We have already integrated a number of 3rd party products (radars, cameras, jammers and other sensors) with our IRIS and ARGOS C4i systems, and we are continuously working on integrating new equipment.

Mydefence integration with OWL Radar GA3360

OWL Radar - 3360

The GA3360 brings mid-range 3D radar capabilities that enable simultaneous detection, tracking, classification, and response to threats on the ground and in low-altitude airspace. GA3360 not only covers a 360˚ field of view with a single sensor, but is equipped to provide hemispheric coverage of critical sites with up to 100˚ of vertical elevation.

Mydefence integration with OWL Radar 9000 serie

OWL Radar - 9000

The new GA9000 series delivers leading-edge 3D radar capabilities for detecting, tracking, classifying and responding to security threats posed by class 1 and 2 drones and other aircraft in low-altitude airspace, along with humans, animals and vehicles on the ground – Range up to 15 km with 360˚ Field of view.

Mydefence integration with Echodyne - Echoguard


EchoGuard is an ultra-low SWaP ESA radar that detects and tracks drones in unauthorized areas. EchoGuard rapidly and accurately slews other sensors such as PTZ optical cameras for continuous eyes-on-object, even at high zoom levels and while tracking fast moving targets. 

Jaeger Camera

The Jaegar camara from Silent Sentinel, is a highly accurate, high specification PTZ platform camera capable of supporting multi sensor technologies which are suitable for maritime, border, aviation, defence, counter UAV, and perimeter applications. With a very high level of accuracy (0.0002°/ 0.0035 mRad), the Jaegar features market leading pan and tilt speeds (0.002° to 100° per second) with 360° continuous rotation, absolute positioning and advanced/specialist multi sensor options (such as Radar, RF effectors, GPS Compass, Long Range Hailers, SWIR, LRF’s, and very long range illumination).


Do you have a solution that need a integration, for you to get a mush better data set-up or a better way to handel the incoming data

Lets have a talk, and see what is possible 

ASP FieldCTRL Radar

APS FieldCTRL is a top-class radar for detecting small flying objects.

Mydefence integration with Skywiper


SkyWiper (EDM4S – Electronic Drone Mitigation System) is designed to counter Remote Piloted Aircraft Systems (RPAS). This is achieved by intercepting control, video and navigation signals. Solution is fully mobile. All modules are integrated and ready to be used by activating rifle trigger.

Ring GNSS Spoofer

Ring is a revolutionary C-UAS system from Regulus Cyber.

Ring soft-kills drones by uniquely using GNSS manipulation technics, thus preventing drones from both entering a protected perimeter and returning to their operator.

Simple, Universally effective, light, quick to set up, and easily integrated, Ring is a unique C-UAS effector with un-matched capabilities.

Ring is already operational with a leading army and has been combat-proven in a real-world conflict against real threats.