DM100 / DM101 - Wall Mounted - Drone Jammer

The DOBERMANN 100/101 (DM100/101) is an area drone protection wall mounted RF jammerDOBERMANN is a state-of-the-art networked Counter UAS jammer that can protect any perimeter against drone threats by actively disrupting the control signal between the drone and its operator. 

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The DOBERMANN 100/101 provides the military with a mitigation method against drones entering military airspace. Paired with the WATCHDOG 200 and the MyDefence C2 system or integrated into an existing security system, MyDefence provides a full RF detection and mitigation system highly suitable for the protection of forward operating military bases. The system can either be wall mounted or mounted on tripods and placed around the base to provide a 360° plug and play, design, ideal for rapid deploymentThe system is modular and scalable and can cover small bases to larger bases spanning miles across.  

The Government and Corporate

When it comes to the protection against malicious drones, the DOBERMANN series offers a professional and effective mitigation method. DOBERMANN 100/101 are wall mounted network RF jammers and together with the WATCHDOG series of RF detectors they make a complete detect and mitigate system. It is completely scalable for any sized area, ranging from smaller prison facilities combatting the use of drones for smuggling illicit goods into the facility, to larger commercial properties and other critical infrastructure, to international airports spanning miles across. If distributed all around the facility, it will provide a 360°. Also, the WATCHDOG and the DOBERMANN can be mounted on a tripod for a portable system, ideal for protection of open-air events, VIP protection and temporary law enforcement and security missions etcAdd the MyDefence C2 system or integrate with existing security setup and the system will provide a fort KNOX protection of your facility 


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