Mydefence drone detection and mitigation

06 Nov - 2018

The CEO of MyDefence, Christian Steinø, once met a veteran from the Afghan war, who was wounded by a roadside bomb. The conversation with the soldier became the inspiration that led to the creation of MyDefence, which was established with the purpose of providing dismounted soldiers with effective solutions against new and emerging threats on the battlefield.

The rapid development in drone technology caused the threat to evolve from being ground-based to being airborne, and MyDefence quickly adapted to the new threats faced by soldiers on the battlefield.

Today, MyDefence develops combat-proven Counter UAS solutions for any type of mission. The equipment can passively detect and actively defeat enemy drones, and can be operated either manually or autonomously, thereby reducing the cognitive load of the soldier, who can instead focus on the mission.

See the video below to learn more about MyDefence and why we do, what we do, or contact us for more information about our drone defence solutions.


MyDefence Drone Defence Video