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Corporate entities face a growing threat of targeted attacks from LSS (Low, Slow, Small) drones being used to fly over commercial venues, such as airports, office complexes, shopping malls, and stadiumsAlso, VIPs and their movements are targets, as well as events, such as political eventssporting eventsand other large openair events or other gatherings of large groups of people. Security companies, often in charge of the security at these complexes and major events, are increasingly faced with the challenge of navigating the airspace regarding legally flown drones being used for security or news footage, whilst also plan for the intrusion of malicious drones, when they plan on how to protect the civilians.  

The drones flying over restricted areas by ex. fans talking photos of their idols, paparazzi chasing the latest news, or political activists making a statement etc., are invading privacy, compromising protected information, and in worst case being a regular threat to the public safety by crashing into a crowd causing mass panic and significant damageTherefore, effective drone detection to track, identify and mitigate is needed so corporate entities and security companies reduce the potential for injury, privacy breaches, and lawsuits.  

MyDefence offer state-of-the-art counter UAV solutions made to secure and enhance the capabilities of corporate entities and security companies in securing the surroundings of commercial venues and eventsAll solutions are lightweight, fixed installations or wearable/portable, modular/scalable, designed for plug and play, and ideal for rapid deployment.  


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