Even more Special Operation Forces (SOF) have now added anti-drone detection capabilities to their equipment inventory

Drone Detection and Mitigation

14 Aug - 2020

MyDefence has just shipped wearable counter drone equipment to protect up to 30 SOF units. A SOF typically operates in units of 4-8 people each with specialized roles and skills. Together, the team’s ability to solve sensitive strategic or operational objectives exceeds the routine capabilities of conventional military forces and SOF operations are frequently clandestine to ensure mission success.

The demanding nature of SOF missions sets high standard requirements to the equipment used by SOF soldiers that has often been designed to meet specific operational tasks. Therefore, we are proud that our wearable Wingman RF detector has been selected, empowering SOF units with the ability to gain malicious drone awareness in a radius of 1.5 km with easy interface and limited disturbance for the operations.

Our estimate is that more than 200 SOF operators can be covered by this shipment and hence be kept safe from the emerging threat #drones brings to the area of operation. Therefore, this is a great achievement in the MyDefence mission to protect the people that daily strives to keep us safe.

Read about the wearable drone RF detector Wingman here:  https://mydefence.dk/military-customers/wingman-105/

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