MyDefence Academy Event

Are you up for a hands on counter UAS training day, with the MyDefence RF solutions and also get a bigger understanding on how the Technology works ?
If this is something that you could be interested in then the Academy day could be something for you.

What can You Experience

At the Academy day you will get to meet the MyDefence C-UAS expert team, who will give you an insight in not only how to handle and setting up the systems, but you will also get a bigger inside to how the technology is working.

You will get a hands on experience, when you get the opportunity to work the products and solution and at the same time see them in action. 

You will get to see and work with

  • Wearable Solution
  • Vehicle Solution
  • Fixed Solution
  • Airborne Solution

Free Admission

The event is free of cost the only price is your time


We will make sure that there will be all the refreshments that are needed from Coffee and soda to lunch.

Dress Code

Close for the weather
We are going to be outside


We would like to invite you to
the MyDefence Academy day, a counter UAS training day

14th March 2023

MyDefence Academy Event
A Counter UAS Training day
In Oksbøl – Denmark


Get a small inside in what you can experience


Sign up today and make sure that there is a seat for you


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Your Visit To Denmark

How to get to Oksboel and where to Stay, then you are there

Where is Oksboel?

Oksbøl is a small town in the south-west of Denmark. It is located on the beautiful west cost of Denmark and the area of one of the biggest turist vacation areas in Denmark.

Oksboel is also the location of one of Denmarks biggest defence training areas.
We have the privilege of boring this place and to be able to invite you to take part of a demonstration in a environment that can give a better view on how the solutions is working in both an open and a more closed environment. 

To get a better idea on where the Demonstration is taking place and where the airport and hotels are compared to the Oksboel location.

Find the map here.

Travel & Accommodation

In ordre to give you the best experience we have tried to find all you need for your stay

Billund Airport

For the Stay in Oksbol, you will need to fly to Billund Airport

Car Rental

Billund Airport has a number of car rental companies for you to choose from


There are a number of hotels in both Billund, Esbjerg and Oksbøl for you to choose from.

Next Academy Event

30th May 2023

Are you not able to come to this one, dont worry, we have already set the date for our next MyDefence Academy Event. You can sign-up today and we will send you an update then we get closer to the day.

It can take a few minutes before the registration mail is coming
Please also check your spam mail as well