MyDefence new Ruggedized-series of CUAS detectors and mitigators

23 Sep - 2020

We have been looking forward to sharing the news that we have developed and launched ruggedized versions of our networked #drone detection and mitigation products.

All the products in the new Ruggedized-series are designed for use on military and civilian vehicles or vessels where mechanical stress is at a maximum. They are designed to withstand vibration and shock along with a range of harsh environmental conditions including dust, salt, and solar radiation.  Furthermore, they employ enhanced electromagnetically shielding to avoid radio frequency emission and complies with MIL-STD-461. They are powered by PoE and are fitted with a vibration dampening mount, which makes them easy to install. The set-up can be operated from MyDefence C2 system or integrated into existing C2- and battle management systems.

For drone detection, the ruggedized passive Watchdog 150 and 250 can be used either separately or in combination. They are both RF sensors capable of detecting control- and video signals from UAVs (drones) and drone controllers for a broad range of commercial and do-it-yourself (DIY) drones. They provide alarms and bearing (direction) to the drone as well as information on drone model, protocol, and vendor. When combining multiple sensors, the bearing information can be used to triangulate the geolocation of both the drone and controller.

For more information about the Watchdog 150 see the following link:

For more information about the Watchdog 250 see the following link: drone mitigation, the ruggedized Dobermann 150/151 are new versions of our existing networked jammer. Like the Watchdog-series, the Dobermanns are also designed to cooperate to provide 360 degrees coverage. For more information about the Dobermann 150/151 see the following link: