MyDefence Communication and ESOM enter strategic partnership for sale of Counter UAS systems in South Korea

20 Apr - 2020

Danish company MyDefence Communication and South Korean company ESOM have signed an agreement that makes ESOM the sales partner of MyDefence, thus enabling the provision of Counter UAS products and systems from MyDefence to the South Korean market.

“The South Korean security market is in a positive development and ESOM – being specialized in control room and surveillance solutions for critical infrastructure – is therefore an obvious partner for MyDefence” says Dan Hermansen, CEO at MyDefence. “ESOM has proven their technical skills and is well equipped to bring Counter UAS solutions into their product portfolio.”

Combining Counter UAS detectors and mitigation with control room capabilities provides end-users with extensive benefits enabling a complete system set-up to mitigate the threat from malicious use of drones. MyDefence supplies a versatile selection of drone sensors and jammers that can be used as either wearable, mobile or fixed installation. ESOM provides control room display, surveillance and network system to its customers including power plants, water purification, military and other important public infrastructures.

“MyDefence is one of the top solution providers among hundreds of similar business corporations in the sense that they have configured full lineup of related products and are really focused on research and engineering. I believe MyDefence possesses the capability to provide every specific solution that our various customers may ask for” Says Dr. Gilyoung Kang, CEO at ESOM.

About MyDefence Communication
MyDefence was founded by military officers with insight into military operations and advanced radio technology. We are specialized in developing, producing and selling anti-drone products for detection, tracking and jamming of Unmanned Aerial Systems to mitigate the threat of malicious drones.

MyDefence protects those who protect us. Our field proven products provide end-users with state-of-the-art technology for enhanced protection and situational awareness. By listening to our end-users and combining their learnings with our technology, we are producing innovative and versatile Counter UAS solutions for any type of scenario.

About ESOM
ESOM was established in 2008 by a video expert group who has accumulated experiences in the field of CRT, PDP, LCD and projection from the 1990s. ESOM provides the best solution to the customer’s needs based on long-term experience and technology of system design, installation, and maintenance. We offer customized solutions as well to achieve deep optimization for mission-critical infrastructures.

ESOM pursues human-oriented management and we consider trust with customers the top priority based on honesty and integrity. As a result, we have been carrying out many long-term maintenance works in various fields of public services.

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