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30 Oct - 2017

Danish company MyDefence and Boeing Defense, Space & Security (BDS) signed an agreement that will enable Boeing to utilize the agility of MyDefence to conduct and support research and development activities on a future defense project.

MyDefence is best known for their expertise in developing counter-UAV technologies for mitigating the risk of small commercial unmanned vehicles and Boeing has realized the potential of drawing on the Danish company’s expertise within the fields of aerospace and advanced research and development.

BDS has previously engaged in partnerships with other Danish companies, including Sky- Watch, which develops and sells advanced UAV systems. The newly established partnership with MyDefence illustrates the need for highly-specialized companies to support the development of future military products and technologies.

“Boeing works closely with Danish companies of all sizes on various industrial projects that will provide long-term sustainable growth,” said Cindy Bui, with BDS International Strategic Partnerships. “We pride ourselves on finding those unique partnership opportunities that work to benefit Boeing and our industry partners.”

“As one of the world’s most significant providers of advanced military products and technologies, Boeing acknowledges the advantages MyDefence military aviation expertise paired with our skills in advanced electronics, can bring to the table,” said Christian Steinø, CEO, MyDefence. “BDS has presented MyDefence with an interesting opportunity to collaborate on work within our fields of expertise, and we are excited to join forces and look forward to work closely together.”

MyDefence Communication

MyDefence is an entrepreneurial enterprise based on the experience from ex-military officers and their former military operations and deep insight in to advanced radio technology.

We nourish a culture within our corporation, with a strong desire to develop revolutionary, solid and superior technology which protects infantry soldiers, from Improvised Explosive Devises (IED) or drones carrying explosives. By listening to our soldiers, and combining their learnings with our technology and research, we have made revolutionizing steps towards robust wireless signaling in mission critical environments. The knowledge gained and shared, makes our products that more impressive.

At MyDefence we realize the terms Interoperability and mission critical are life savers. Around these notions we work our projects and products in order to accommodate the military needs for flexibility and operability.

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