MyDefence Releases Next-generation Software for RF Drone Detection

MyDefence RF Drone Detection

19 Dec - 2019

MyDefence is proud to announce the release of our next big software upgrade for all RF sensor products, including the best-selling wearable Wingman-series, the mobile 360 degree Wolfpack and the networked Watchdog-series.

We would like to introduce you to software version 2.0, where we have revisited all parts of the software from the ground up. Our main focus has been on taking our detection algorithms to the next level; bringing the false-alarm-rate even lower, increasing performance in urban environments and shortening the process required to add new UAVs to the library.

On the Wingman, we introduce a simpler way of using and configuring the device. Vibration, LED and audio are now configurable through the FT100, allowing a lot of the previous modes to be eliminated. Two modes now exist: one for internal antennas and one for external antennas. Wingman is easier than ever to operate.

“This great new RF detection platform is truly innovative and will pave the way for getting new features enabled like RF direction finding, geolocation and C2-system integration on a larger scale” says Dan Hermansen, CEO of MyDefence.

V2.0 is the first official release for direction-finding which can be utilized in the networked Watchdog 200-series sensors and the next generation Wolfpack 210-series.

“During the past months, we at NT Service have tested the Watchdog 200 with the new novel direction finding feature and are extremely satisfied with the result. It adds great value to the MyDefence solution and enables the user with high accuracy to point out the approaching threat.” says Alius Mykolaitis, Project Manager at NT Service.

The update is made available for all partners and customers with an active service level agreement. Contact your local MyDefence partner or MyDefence directly at or for access to the update.

About MyDefence:

MyDefence is founded by military officers with insight into military operations and advanced radio technology. We are specialized in developing, producing and selling anti-drone products for detection, tracking and jamming of Unmanned Aerial Systems to mitigate the threat of malicious drones.

MyDefence protects those who protect us. Our combat proven products provide end-users with state-of-the-art technology for enhanced protection and situational awareness. By listening to our end-users and combining their learnings with our technology, we are producing innovative and versatile Counter UAS solutions for any type of scenario.