What Is Drone Protection? An article by MyDefence

What is Anti Drone Protection? 3 drone security segments

This article will be providing an overview of the available Anti-Drone Systems at MyDefence. These drone technologies might also be known as Counter-UAS (C-UAS) and Counter-UAV (C-UAV).

The article will firstly describe where Anti Drone Solutions have become a necessity as a protection tool. This has been divided into our 3 segments: Military Force protection, Governmental Protection & Corporate Protection. Within each segments MyDefence have industry leading Anti-Drone solutions for Drone Detection, Drone Mitigation (Drone-Jamming) and Command and Control Alarm System. At the end of the article you can find the Anti Drone solutions to drone detection and drone mitigation from MyDefence.  

But what are these 3 Drone Security segments?

What is Drone Detection equipment?

Drone Detection can be defined as a technology which enable to detect unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) or unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV). In general, these systems are known simply as Drones. Detection of Drones can be succeeded with various equipment and technologies.

What is Drone Mitigation equipment?

Drone Mitigation provide Counter UAS solutions known as Drone Jamming, where the goal is neutralizing and stopping Drones by jamming their signals.  Drone Jamming Technology has become more significant since the world are increasingly experiencing drones being used for ISR (Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance), target spotting and actual attacks with delivery and detonation of payloads. COTS (Components-Off-The–Shelf) drones have become extremely dangerous and effective as weapons which have further increased the necessities for the ability of jamming drones.

What is Command and Control Alarm System?

MyDefence has developed its own A command-and-control alarm system named C2 Iris & Argos, which can visually present the information, detected by MyDefence sensors.  By setting the GPS location of the individual devices and the control station, the end user will be able to create a complete map, with visual overlay information of the zones to protect, detect and mitigate. 

MyDefence Anti Drone Solutions Segments

Military Force Protection

Militaries across the world are increasingly experiencing LSS (Low, Slow, Small) drones being used for ISR (Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance), target spotting and actual attacks with delivery and detonation of payloads on military personnel, forward operating military bases, convoys on-the-move or at a standstill, and on military sea vessels.  An effective drone detection system is of the outmost importance to track, identify, and mitigate unauthorized drones entering military airspace.  

MyDefence offer state-of-the-art counter UAS solutions made to secure and enhance the capabilities of the armed forces. All Anti-Drone solutions are lightweight, ruggedized, wearable/portable, modular/scalable, designed for plug and play, and ideal for rapid deployment.  

Governmental Protection

Just as Militaries, Governments are increasingly experiencing threats from drones being used for espionage. This involves drones being used for monitoring of VIPs and their movements, emplacement of electronic/microphone devices, disturbance at public events, harassment of law enforcement, ISR (Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance), and threats against prison facilities, other critical infrastructure and boarders.  Governmental agencies more vulnerable than they have ever been towards drones and the situation threaten every aspect of a sovereign national security policy. The presence/attacks also present a major threat as terrorism continues its ravage on civilians and creates an environment of fear and uncertainty amongst the public. Therefore, effective drone detection to track, identify, and mitigate is needed so Governments proactively monitor and control, when unauthorized drones enter their respective airspaces. MyDefence offer state-of-the-art counter UAV solutions made to secure and enhance the capabilities of governmental agencies. All solutions are lightweight, ruggedized, wearable/portable, modular/scalable, designed for plug and play, and ideal for rapid deployment.  

Corporate Protection

Corporate entities face a growing threat of targeted attacks from LSS (Low, Slow, Small) drones being used to fly over commercial venues, such as airports, office complexes, shopping malls, and stadiums. Also, VIPs and their movements are targets, as well as events, such as political events, sporting events, and other large open-air events or other gatherings of large groups of people from the increasing threat of malicious drones. MyDefence offer state-of-the-art counter UAV solutions made to secure and enhance the capabilities of corporate entities and security companies in securing the surroundings of commercial venues and events. All solutions are lightweight, fixed installations or wearable/portable, modular/scalable, designed for plug and play, and ideal for rapid deployment.  

MyDefence Anti Drone Solutions

Drone detection

Drone Detection

At MyDefence we provide with state-of-the-art RF Sensors for Drone Detection in Wearable, Portable, Portable, Vehicle & Vessel Mounted and in Fixed installations to your Drone Security.


Our Wearable anti drone solution is combat-proven counter UAS solution which can detect and mitigate remote controlled commercially available drones (UAS, UAV, RAPS, etc.) at long ranges – and often before the drone takes off.  

The wearable counter UAS segment consists of the WINGMAN series. The Wearable Counter UAS solution is developed for special operations forces, police, and security personnel and provides users with industry-leading technology for increased anti-drone protection and situational awareness in a wide range of missions and operations.


MyDefence Portable segment provide Counter UAS solution which can detect, track, and identify remote controlled commercially available drones (UAS, UAV, RAPS etc.) at long ranges – and often before the drone takes off.  The portable anti-drone system is developed for police and security companies and is ideal for rapid deployment and protection over shorter periods of time. It is designed for the protection of ex. crowds of civilians and VIPs in a congested area, complex buildings in dense urban areas, temporary open–air events, and other sensitive sites like boarders. The portable anti-drone detection solution includes the Watchdog 202 – our fixed installation RF-sensor for drone detection and our 360° RF-detector Wolfpack 210. Together, the RF detectors and the MyDefence C2 system make a complete detect-track-identify and situational awareness system against unauthorized drones.  

Vehicle & Vessel

Within the Vehicle & Vessel Mounted segment, MyDefence provides combat proven Counter UAS solutions. The Vehicle solutions are developed for special operations forces and police, and provide optimal and permanent anti-drone protection of convoys, sea vessels, patrol cars, and boats, whether on-the-move or at a stand-still. It provides mobile headquarters with the capability for rapid Counter UAS deployment and it secures local situational awareness to share with other troops, RF alerts logged and recorded for post mission reporting etc for the best drone security. The Vehicle solutions include products from our Watchdog series – a series of RF–sensors for drone detection, our Wolfpack 210 – a 360° RF-detection product.

Fixed installations

Our fixed installation anti-drone system secures your airspace day and night by detectingtracking, and mitigating unauthorized remote controlled commercially available drones (UAS, UAV, RAPS etc.) at long ranges – and often before the drone takes off.  The fixed installation C-UAS solution is developed for the protection of critical infrastructure (ex. nuclear power plants, parliaments, embassies, presidential palaces etc.)prisons, military camps, airports, corporate property, and boarder perimeter protectionThe fixed C-UAS solution is permanently installed at the site and provides headquarters with local situational awareness of the entire property, the capability of finding the pilot and coordination with police outside perimeter, RF alerts are logged and recorded for post incident reporting etc.  MyDefence provide with fixed installation anti-drone detection system includes our Watchdog 202, our fixed installation RFsensor for drone detection and our 360° RF-detector Wolfpack 210. 

Drone Mitigation

At MyDefence we provide with industry leading RF Sensor technology for Drone mitigation and Jamming.  in Wearable, Vehicle & Vessel Mounted and in Fixed installations.


MyDefence wearable drone jammers PITBULL 100/101 are the most innovative wearable smart jammers on the market today. The Pitbulls will protect dismounted soldiers, police officers, and security officers against commercially available drones used by enemy forces for reconnaissance or as weapon delivery systems. The Pitbull-series consists of Pitbull 100 and Pitbull 101, which include GPS jamming.  Both works together with the WINGMAN series, making a complete detect-and-defeat solution to mitigate the threat of malicious drones. 

Vehicle & Vessel Mounted:

our Dobermann series 150/151 – jammers, utilize smart jamming to defeat enemy drones. The Watchdog series and the Wolfpack work together with the Dobermann series, making a complete detect-and-defeat solution providing quick threat assessment by RF–signatures and the ability for quick response by either manual or automatic jamming modes to mitigate the threat of malicious drones. 

Fixed installations

The drone mitigation solution in fixed installations includes the Dobermann series 100/101 – jammers, which utilize smart jamming to defeat enemy drones. Dobermann series 100/101 is developed for military force protection.  The Watchdog and the Wolfpack work together with the Dobermann series, making a complete detect-and-defeat solutionproviding quick threat assessment by RFsignatures and the ability for quick response by either manual or automatic jamming modes to mitigate the threat of malicious drones.