Wingman 105

WM105 - Internal Battery

The WINGMAN 105 (WM105) is the third edition to the WINGMAN-series of wearable, intuitive drone detection alarmsIt is a ruggedized version with an internal battery, with 7 hours of operational battery life using an internal rechargeable Li-Ion battery. It makes it both a versatile and durable WINGMANwhich makes it perfect for smaller and shorter operations. It is specially designed to meet the requirements of law enforcement and security officers, but also the military uses it for shorter operations.  

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Extreme Temperatures


Waterproof Protected


Alarms Provides


Continuous Updates


Extended Range Detection


Directional Antennas

The Government & Corporate

WINGMAN 105 is specially designed as a lightweight detector for shorter and lighter missions and is therefore a perfect fit for secret service personnel, security officers and law enforcement. They all take a liking to the WINGMAN 105 due to its compact design with the internal battery. It makes it ideal for a more covert use and can be worn under ex a tuxedo jacket without dragging unwanted attention.  

The Military

WINGMAN 105 was not originally developed for military use. However, its ruggedized, smaller, and lighter form factor has attracted the interest of the military. With the WINGMAN 105MyDefence strengthen the capabilities for the armed forces in connection with smaller and shorter operations. It still lives up to military desired requirements such as the capability to withstand extreme weather and temperatures. Wearing a WINGMAN 105 allows the soldier to focus on the mission and not worry about the airspace above 


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